Valamis with Liferay

Create personalized learning experiences for your network and utilize the synergy benefits of Valamis alongside the leading digital experience platform, Liferay.

Optimal learning experiences with Valamis and Liferay

Valamis is a digital Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that is designed as an efficiently integrable add-on to the Liferay environment. By combining the core strengths of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Valamis, we aim to create the best quality and customer experience in organizational learning. The restrictions of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) approach are gone thanks to the modular and responsive nature of this platform.

In addition to its own features, Valamis benefits from all the out-of-the-box functionalities of Liferay, such as

  • Management systems for userbase
  • Permissions and roles
  • Documents and media
  • As well as wikis, blogs, calendar events, and so on.

Liferay features are all compatible with and complementary to the capabilities of Valamis, allowing for greater creative freedom and customization of your learning environment. Our customers appreciate also the scalability of the two platforms. With Liferay and Valamis, we are able to set up a simple internal learning environment or a global collaborative environment for managing employee, partner, and reseller network training, certifications, information sharing, documentation management, and meeting regulatory compliance.

Both platforms, when used together, are a perfect fit for many different kinds of business cases and contexts, in part because setting up a customized learning environment is easy with Valamis. This applies well not only to course-based online learning, but it also meets the needs of social learning, onboarding programs, collaboratory environments, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, competency management, and much more.

More efficient learning with Valamis and Liferay

With the use of the Enterprise-Grade Learning Record Store and Experience API standards, the learning process is transparent and provides extensive learning data. This information can be searched quickly and easily, filtered, exported, and visualized. With a strong learning analytics engine, you can steer the learning process in any direction, giving you greater flexibility to create personalized learning content with your preferred methods.

The combination of Liferay and Valamis also provides you with great social learning potential. Knowledge and expertise sharing is straightforward, thanks to Liferay tools like instant messaging, forums, activity feeds, and other collaboration tools. 

The synergy of the solution can lower your total cost of ownership, reducing your software, training and migration costs. Also, learning with Valamis is safe as you get to decide where the data of your organization's learning processes is stored: you can use it as a cloud-based service (SaaS), install it to own server environment or have it hosted by Arcusys, the company behind Valamis.

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