Keep you employees up-to-date with latest instructions, make training more efficient and keep your brand consistent globally.

Build great customer experience, train employees and keep brand consistent

Making large changes throughout an entire organization is a challenge for any retail business. Our platform enables faster and more efficient transition process by targeting training for employees and ensuring brand consistency across all stores and franchises, ultimately building loyal relationships with customers. 

The key to customer satisfaction is the positive experience they have with your company, which happens on all levels of interaction with the client in both online and offline channels. Thus, it is essential to teach and maintain your staff's efficiency, knowledge, and practice of customer service regulations, goals, and values.

Attract and keep new employees with an appealing, engaging, and responsive digital environment that also allows for collaborative learning between the experts and new workers.

Valamis – Learning Experience Platform makes it possible to create a flexible learning environment. It is an invaluable and cost-effective tool when it comes to keeping your personnel up-to-date with all the changes in the company, industry, and various regulations.

Valamis' benefits for Retail:

  • Customer Cases

    Get familiar with our customer cases and see what kind of learning solutions we have delivered to our customers.

  • SOLUTION: Valamis Data Sheet (PDF)

    Take a look at the key features and requirements of Valamis.