Public Sector and Legal

Manage employee competencies, encourage social collaboration and meet the regulatory compliance requirements.

Easier workforce planning and information sharing

The common challenges that the public sector and legal organizations face include workforce planning, recruitment of young talent, and provision of sufficient training for all levels of personnel.

Attract and retain new employees with an appealing, engaging, and responsive digital environment that allows for collaborative learning between your department's experts and new employees. Save time and money in onboarding processes with the help of a digital learning platform.

Intuitive and modern collaborative environments help attract and retain new employees of any generation. This type of atmosphere allows employees to interact and share their expertise, thus improving staff communication. When employees are retiring, it is essential to keep and share the information in house with the help of a digital learning platform.

Meet the regulatory compliance requirements

In public sector and legal industry, there are many guidelines and regulations that need to be adopted and followed, which also means personnel needs to be kept updated with constantly changing regulatory requirements

Valamis – Learning Experience Platform provides you with skill and certifications database capabilities, helping you assign the right people to the right job. It can also identify possible skill gaps that require additional training. 

Learning analytics track and record all user activities. This data is essential in the managerial decision-making process as it can be used to increase learning performance and efficiency. Learning activities and contents that are not efficient can be reduced or carried out differently.

Valamis' benefits for the Public Sector and Legal organizations:

  • Manage, engage, and educate employees with personalized content
  • Attract and retain new talent
  • Identify possible skill gaps
  • Certification database ensures that right people are assigned to the right jobs
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