Serve your local and global member network with social collaboratory and easy information sharing. Enable easy content creation for some or all members.

Learn, engage, and share information with member network

In order to build and maintain a strong nonprofit organization, it is essential to have an easy and cost-effective way for members to learn, engage, and share information. Valamis supports learning any place, any time, with any device.

You can create engaging content and utilize gamification aspects such as reward learners with certificates and badges. With Valamis it is easy to attract and keep new volunteers with an engaging and responsive digital environment that allows for collaboration. You can track, measure, and analyze user activities with Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Store (LRS) specifications to see what kind of content is most appealing for the members.

The powerful learning analytic tools in Valamis will help manage your content more efficient and even reduce the training costs.

Valamis' benefits for Nonprofit organizations:

  • State-of-the-art platform for learning and sharing information
  • Collaborative features enable social learning
  • Review on-the-spot content
  • Track, measure, and analyze all user activities with xAPI and Learning Record Store (LRS) standards.
  • CASE: Hivos

    Hivos wanted to strengthen their sense of community and solve the challenge of having regional offices and partners in multiple locations.

  • SOLUTION: Valamis Data Sheet (PDF)

    Take a look at the key features and requirements of Valamis.