Whether you need to manage and develop competencies of your employees, resellers or partners, Valamis – Learning Experience Platform is a flexible solution for all your needs.

Digitalization of learning brings new opportunities for Manufactoring

Ensuring employee, reseller and partner network training on universal and local safety standards across all operational locations can be a difficult task that requires a responsive, mobile, and flexible system like Valamis – Learning Experience Platform.

Efficient project ramp-ups are easier than ever with dynamic qualifications management software because it allows you to manage diverse personnel. Valamis lets you easily spot possible skill gaps in employee competencies in order to ensure efficient management of your projects.

For every new process, guideline or product, you can create and share instructional material that has been specially designed and shared with the relevant employees, resellers or partners.

You can attract and keep new employees with an appealing, engaging, and responsive digital environment because it allows for collaborative learning between experts and new workers. Create own collaboratory for easy information sharing and learner interaction with Valamis.

Valamis supports market-leading learning analytics with Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) standards. Analytics can help managers adjust learning content for a specific audience, which saves on training resources.

Valamis' benefits for Manufacturing:

  • Meet regulatory compliance, qualifications, and correct use of products
  • Skill and competence matrix allows you to find possible skill gaps
  • Minimize the costly mistakes in production
  • Collaboration between subject-matter experts and new employees, partners, or resellers
  • Efficient product and line ramp-ups
  • CASE: Abloy

    Abloy's major challenge was managing, training and certifying a large network of global distributors. The solution was a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY.

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  • SOLUTION: Valamis Data Sheet (PDF)

    Take a look at the key features and requirements of Valamis.