Higher Education

Make learning experiences better with engaging & personalized content, enable social learning, and recognize possible drop outs early with learning analytics.

Higher education institutions require progressive and modern learning technologies

Valamis – Learning Experience Platform supports formal, informal, and social learning, including personalized learning methods, collaborative learning, phenomenon-based learning, and more. It is a cost-effective, tailored learning solution with learning resources that are easily accessible from any place, on any device, and on any time.

Valamis enables creation of rich HTML content. You can create new courses from the scratch or import ready materials to Valamis. 

Assessment technologies present in Valamis give teachers convenient methods of evaluating the progress of any student, while the powerful analytical tools provide you with all the necessary data you need to adjust your courses and lessons to the unique needs of every individual student.

Following students progress is easy with learning analytics, Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS). Valamis enables teachers to see easily patterns in students' activities and recognize the potential drop outs immediately. On the other hand, students are able to follow their own studies on individual, descriptive concept maps and learning paths.

Aside from helping the teaching and learning process, the Valamis platform offers strong capabilities for personnel management, training, and teacher onboarding. Engaging and motivating environments that are possible with Valamis can help attract and retain new teaching talent.

Valamis' benefits for Higher Education:

  • Support for different kinds of learning, such as phenomenon-based learning and personalized learning
  • Support for social, formal, and informal learning
  • Comprehensive learning analytics with xAPI and Learning Record Store
  • Better learning results and improved pass through rates
  • BLOG: How to improve online learning results dramatically with phenomenon-based learning


    PKKY wanted to adopt a learning environment, which supports phenomenon-based learning. The solution was a Valamis learning environment with powerful learning analytics.

  • SOLUTION: Valamis Data Sheet (PDF)

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