Healthcare and Medical

Manage employee training, competencies, and certifications efficiently and enable social collaboration, all by meeting regulatory compliance.

Manage trainings, competencies, and certifications
with one solution

In a sector that is as highly regulated as the healthcare industry, it is essential to be compliant, but it shouldn't affect your efficiency. Healthcare and medical leaders need to make sure that every employee is kept up-to-date with latest regulations and guidelines, especially when the question is about the safety of patients. It is also critical to manage competencies and notice possible skill gaps in advance. 

Ensuring employee training and compliance on universal and local safety standards across all departments can be a challenging task that requires a responsive, mobile, and flexible system like Valamis – Learning Experience Platform.

The healthcare setting can be a confusing place for a new employee, which is why it is important to have a learning system that is intuitive, flexible, and responsive. Welcoming onboarding programs and collaborative environments between colleagues are ways you can find and retain new talent, and both can be done effectively with Valamis.

Valamis also provides you with skill and certifications database capabilities, allowing you to identify skill gaps and assign the right people to the right job.

The powerful learning analytic tools in Valamis will help streamline management duties, as well as improve care and reduce training costs.

Valamis' benefits for Healthcare and Medical:

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