Finance and Insurance

Keep employees' competencies up-to-date, recognize possible skill gaps in advance, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Manage competencies and meet regulatory compliance

In a sector that is as highly regulated as the financial and insurance industry, it is essential to be compliant while retaining efficiency. Valamis is a learning experience platform that will help you keep all your employees up-to-date with latest regulations, while ensuring the efficiency of your operations.

To be successful in this increasingly competitive market, employees need to have the required skills and competencies, as well as access to the important information at any time and on any device. The skill and competency databases let you easily spot the possible skill gaps in order to ensure your employees receive the right training. 

Attract, grow, and keep new talent with appealing, engaging, and responsive digital learning environment, that fits perfectly for collaborative learning. Valamis is designed to host onboarding for new employees, track and follow competencies, and train future talent.

Learning and development activities and employee competences need to be stored safely. Valamis can be delivered as a pure cloud-based service (SaaS), installed to a customer's own server in internal network, or hosted by Arcusys, the company behind Valamis.

Learning analytics track and record all user activities. This data is essential for managers in the decision-making process because it can help to increase performance and efficiency of learning content and processes.

Valamis for Finance and Insurance:

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