Energy and Utilities

Attract smartest talent and competencies you need, manage learning efficiently, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Digitalization of learning brings new opportunities for Energy and Utilities

Ensuring employee training meets universal and local safety standards across all operational locations can be a difficult task that requires a responsive, mobile, and flexible system such as Valamis – Learning Experience Platform.

Efficient project ramp-ups are easier than ever with our dynamic qualifications management system, which allows you to manage your diverse personnel at multiple locations.

For the energy industry, it is essential to recruit new young talent with modern ideas that understands the changing landscape of global energy consumption. Attract and keep new talent with an appealing, engaging, and responsive digital environment that allows collaborative learning.

For every new tool, piece of equipment, policy, or guideline you can create and share instructional material that is designed and shared just for selected workforce.

Learning analytics track and record all user activities. This data is essential for managers because it can be used to increase performance and efficiency of training. Managers can easily see what contents works and what doesn't, and make immediate changes accordingly. This enables more efficient usage of valuable training resources.

Valamis' benefits for Energy and Utilities:

  • Meet the regulatory compliance requirements, for example OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Provide right information to right employees at right time
  • Keep employee competencies up-to-date
  • Analyze learning effectiveness with Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) standards.
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