Attract and train the brightest talent, share information in a collaborative environment, and meet strict industry regulations with the help of a digital learning experience platform.

Manage learning and competencies efficiently

Aerospace is one of the industries which needs to attract the smartest workforce and talent in order to grow and succeed. The industry is highly regulated and managers need to make sure that every employee and partner is kept up-to-date with latest industry regulations and guidelines. It is critical to manage competencies and identify possible skill gaps. 

There are many ways a digital learning experience platform can help learning and development managers in the aerospace sector. The Valamis – Learning Experience Platform is a flexible learning environment that allows you and your employees to create and share instructional materials for every new tool, software, regulation, or policy. Information can be designed and shared with all employees, or only a select few.

This type of platform can attract and keep new employees because it offers an appealing, engaging, and responsive digital environment that allows for collaborative learning between subject-matter experts and novice employees.

A collaborative learning environment enables the cooperation between all levels of employees with different areas of expertise. This kind of environment also helps with mission and project planning, setting and tracking goals, achievements, and overall progress. 

Valamis supports market-leading learning analytics with Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) standards. Analytics can help managers adjust learning content for a specific audience, which saves on training resources.

  • Collaborative environment supports social, formal and informal learning
  • Skill- and competency-based database
  • Flexible learning environment, which enables personalized learning content  
  • Measure and analyze learning with xAPI and built-in Learning Record Store standards.
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