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Create a unique learning environment that engages and inspires learners, ignites their interests, and raises their motivation.

Develop training processes with the latest learning technology

Understanding how to improve the effectiveness of learning and development is of interest to all organizations. Hence, organizations have started to put more emphasis on analyzing and improving their workforce development models. With the Valamis — Learning Experience Platform, you can bring your organization's learning strategies to life with an engaging and collaborative digital learning environment that supports all forms of learning, including the latest learning pedagogies, such as phenomenon-based learning.

With Valamis, you can create personalized learning paths while enabling users to have control over their own learning and development. Users are able to learn anywhere, anytime, with any device, which can dramatically reduce training costs. The platform is also a great solution for global training. You can give and receive timely and optimized feedback within your organization, no matter where your members are located. It's so flexible that it can be developed and customized according to your organization's needs.

Valamis is a great tool for measuring and analyzing all learning activities, including social and informal learning. Using a combination of Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) standards, the platform offers a powerful learning analytics engine for tracking learning processes. xAPI collects all important learning activities, including informal learning, social learning, and real-world experiences. LRS receives, stores, and returns the data for both learners and management to review accomplished learning activities, achievements, and learning performance.

To make sure that you are served with the best possible learning solution, a new and updated version of Valamis is released every three months. Valamis has also been listed in the Gartner's 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites, which provides a comprehensive overview of vendors in the corporate learning suites industry, giving companies access to in-depth market knowledge, which they can use as background information when selecting their future learning solution.

  • Analyze and improve workforce development models
  • Encourage a collaborative learning environment
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, with any device
  • Measure and analyze all learning activities, including social and informal learning
  • BLOG: How to improve online learning results dramatically with phenomenon-based learning


    PKKY wanted to adopt a learning environment, which supports phenomenon-based learning. The solution was a Valamis learning environment with powerful learning analytics.

  • CASE: Abloy

    Abloy's major challenge was managing, training and certifying a large network of global distributors. The solution was a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY.

White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

The white paper opens the context of digital transformation and how it affects on the workforce development, changing nature of work and organizational learning.