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With Valamis, you can cut your organization’s training costs significantly, while improving personnel development with an engaging training process.

Cut training costs and improve personnel development

Businesses don't create value; people do. Thus, personnel management and development are essential parts of all organizations. Whether you're recruiting new employees, establishing the onboarding processes, or managing skill and competencies databases, there will always be a need for a capable and flexible digital platform.

The Valamis — Learning Experience Platform provides a digital learning environment that is easy to integrate into your everyday routine. It enables social and informal learning, as well as knowledge sharing across the entire organization. It is easy to use and visually engaging. With just one look, users can follow their own or a colleague's learning paths from the Valamis Dashboard. And the best part is, learners can access these materials anytime, with any device.

The platform will allow you to cut your organization's training costs significantly while improving personnel development with an engaging training process. However, as important as it is to train, it is also crucial to understand the effectiveness of the training methods being used. Using a combination of Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Store (LRS) standards, Valamis is able to provide powerful analytics that can be easily understood, allowing for the improvement of the user's learning processes.

Valamis can also be utilized as part of an effective onboarding processes. Onboarding programs, company culture introductions, and any other learning materials that you can imagine are easy to create and share with the Valamis Lesson Tool. Learners can also produce their own materials, which can help you bring your employees to the core of your business on day one.

  • Cut training costs with an effective digital learning environment
  • Document, track and review social and informal learning
  • Access learning materials anytime on any device
  • Experience API (xAPI) and Learning Record Store (LRS) can be used to improve the learning process
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  • CASE: Abloy

    Abloy's major challenge was managing, training and certifying a large network of global distributors. The solution was a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY.

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White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

The white paper opens the context of digital transformation and how it affects on the workforce development, changing nature of work and organizational learning.