Valamis 3.4 Asteroid release - New Features Summary

Valamis 3.4 Asteroid release - New Features Summary

We are glad to announce that a new version of Valamis has now been released! We're also moving on to a new naming-strategy for our product, and this update will be called Asteroid. This update adds many new features and upgrades to the previous version; they are described below.

New Features & Improvements

The biggest improvements of this release are the redesigned Lesson Studio and Competences, which includes new UI and new features.

  • The new lesson creation interface is now much more intuitive and responsive. The older version of Lesson Studio will still be available.
  • This update also brings a new design and useful features for the My Competences portlet. You can connect competence levels to learning paths, allowing the users to advance their skill level by achieving these certificates. You can also set recommended prerequisite skill levels for learning paths.
  • Another new feature is called Group Competences. It enables you to view the competences for whole user groups, thereby greatly saving your time and improving the personnel management possibilities. 

Other new features include a new Report type, Dashboard link improvements, new email notifications, and new xAPI statements.

Valamis 3.4 Asteroid Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below.


Valamis Delivery Channel

Remember that you can always get the latest version of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform from our own Valamis Delivery Channel.


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