Valamis 3.5 Asteroid release - New Features Summary

Valamis 3.5 Asteroid release - New Features Summary

We are happy to announce the new Valamis 3.5 Asteroid version!  

Here's a short overview of the new features and improvements in this update.  

New Features & Improvements

  • This update significantly improves security within your organization. You can now easily create user permissions with scope and entity level, customizing your environment and strengthening your user management capabilities.  
  • The new Lesson Studio has been fully upgraded and is no longer in beta. The older version of Lesson Studio and the Content manager portlet have been removed.
  • Another big upgrade is the addition of lesson localizations, which will come in handy in multi-language instances with users from different countries. The relevant translation will be automatically chosen in the Lesson Viewer, depending on the user's language.
  • ValBo is a new chatbot, based on IBM Watson machine learning technology. It aims to give users in your learning environment a friendly helper to interact with. ValBo will help users find relevant materials and will also recommend lessons based on the user's personal achievements.
  • The performance across the platform has been significantly improved, especially in the analytical portlets and reports.

Please note, that it is important to read the official Release Notes before upgrading, in order to prepare the environment for the new changes.

Valamis 3.5 Asteroid Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below.


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