Valamis 3.3 Enterprise Edition release – New Features Summary

Valamis 3.3 Enterprise Edition release – New Features Summary

We are glad to announce that the new 3.3 Enterprise Edition of Valamis has now been released.

This update brings a multitude of new features and upgrades to the previous version, as described below.

New Features & Improvements

Learning Paths portlet

A new portlet called Learning Paths will take on the functions of previously separate portlets called Curriculum Manager and Curriculum viewer. It removes unnecessary steps and confusion in the process of creating certificates and goals to them.

It helps both the instructor and learner have all of the needed info and functions in one place, instead of having to switch between two portlets. A detailed description is available in the release notes.

Expiration tracker

A new kind of report portlet has been added. It will show all of the expired and expiring certificates, and will let the instructor notify all of the learners about them. It is extremely helpful in big environments, that require up-to-date certifications.

Report portlet updated: average passing grade report type

A new report setting has been added, that will let you see the average grades for the lessons in the chosen scope - site or instance. It is also now possible to export the report data into the JSON and CSV formats.

Other Valamis 3.3 updates include UI and UX improvements, new enrollment types for Training events, and more.

Valamis 3.3 Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below.


Valamis Delivery Channel

Remember that you can always get the latest version of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform from our own Valamis Delivery Channel.


Valamis - Learning Experience Platform is an advanced learning solution platform, that supports learning independent of time and place. Valamis provides organizations with a solution for turning the digital transformation of learning into a competitive advantage.

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