Valamis 3.2 Enterprise Edition release - New Features Summary

Valamis 3.2 Enterprise Edition release - New Features Summary

We are glad to announce that the new 3.2 Enterprise Edition of Valamis has now been released. This update brings a multitude of new features and upgrades over the previous version, which are described below.

New Features & Improvements

The new portlet, called Learning Report, gathers data on learning patterns in a specific course, and then displays them in an interactive table.  This matrix shows the overall progress of every user in the course for every lesson and learning path.

For example, a trainer or instructor may review which questions were frequently answered incorrectly by students, and thus understand which topics gave learners the most difficulty.  This data will help in identifying and adjusting "difficult" learning processes, to make it easier for future users to succeed.

A Training event is a new feature that allows you to specify an event for any date, like, a training seminar or a workshop. Users can join them, or trainers can add users to log their participation in the system, which can then be used as a certificate goal. This portlet is very useful for any kind of offline training events and lessons outside the digital learning environment.

Course portlets have been upgraded, allowing for more details and settings in your courses, e.g. maximum amount of participants, availability time, etc.

E-mail notifications have been introduced in order to keep users informed about relevant things that happen in the course.

Other updates include the possibility to add audio files to your lessons, SCORM support for certificates and a lot of improvements for the user interface. A detailed overview of each new feature of Valamis 3.2 is provided in the Release Notes.

Silver winner in Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform has recently received the Silver award from Brandon Hall Group for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. Valamis is a product by Arcusys, the global leader in digital learning solutions for Liferay.

Valamis learning solution is constantly improving and growing, ensuring that your learning environment is up-to-date with current trends and needs. 

Valamis 3.2 Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below.


Valamis Delivery Channel

Remember that you can always get the latest version of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform from our own Valamis Delivery Channel.


Valamis - Learning Experience Platform is an advanced learning solution platform, that supports learning independent of time and place. Valamis provides organizations with a solution for turning the digital transformation of learning into a competitive advantage.

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