Valamis 3.0 Enterprise Edition release - New Features Summary

Valamis 3.0 Enterprise Edition release - New Features Summary

We are glad to announce that the new Valamis 3.0 Enterprise Edition has now been released.

The new update includes major changes to the Gradebook portlet, introduction of new portlets (Assignment, Course manager, Course browser), implementation of optional goals in the Certificates, as well as many other UI and UX improvements.

New Features & Improvements

The updated Gradebook interface is intuitive and responsive, giving you interactive access to all levels of user learning data. Gradebook interface is neatly organized into several tabs, like Users, Lessons, etc. The tab show you the corresponding general information at first, while giving you the option to go deeper to see the individual learner information.  

A commonly requested feature was introduced, called Assignments. It gives the instructor the possibility to create a task requiring a submission with a set deadline. The instructor can grade it, give feedback or send it back for improvement. 

Other newly introduced portlets are called Course manager and Course browser. The Course manager portlet gives the instructor an easy and clear way of managing and creating new courses. The Course browser, in its turn, provides the learners a clear view of all the courses that are available to them. 

It is also now possible to set optional goals in the Certificates, which gives the instructor the ability to provide extra learning material that is not mandatory to achieve the certificate.

Valamis 3.0 Release Notes

A detailed overview of all the new features and improvements is provided in the official release notes. You can view the full release notes from the link below. 


Valamis Delivery Channel

Remember that you can always get the latest version of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform from our own Valamis Delivery Channel.


Valamis - Learning Experience Platform is an advanced learning solution platform, that supports learning independent of time and place. Valamis provides organizations with a solution for turning the digital transformation of learning into a competitive advantage.

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