Learning Management

Make learning and development visible and more efficient in your organization.

Effective learning is your competitive advantage

Today, it is essential for organizations to be able to analyze and develop learning and organizational capabilities the same way other business operations are planned. In addition, recognizing potential shortcomings or risks in training and development, as well as understanding how to improve the effectiveness of learning and training, have become crucial for organizations. The Valamis Learning Experience Platform helps organizations to increase the productivity and efficiency of their operations.

With Valamis, learners can access data anywhere, anytime, with any device, which can significantly reduce your organization's training costs. The platform allows you to measure and analyze all learning activities, including social and informal learning. Using a combination of Experience API (xAPI) and built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) standards, Valamis provides powerful analytics that allow you to follow, understand, and improve each user's learning processes.

It is important to have a clear and unobstructed view of your digital workplace, but managing such data can be very difficult due to the variety of different systems in use (ERP, CRM, LMS, etc.). Valamis offers a great combination of features that support an effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy, which includes effective data management. You will also be able to help your organization meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, if your organization is already using Liferay, Valamis can be seamlessly integrated with the Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

To make sure that you are served with the best possible learning solution, a new and updated version of Valamis is released every three months. Valamis has also been listed in the Gartner's 2016 Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites, which provides a comprehensive overview of vendors in the corporate learning suites industry, giving companies access to in-depth market knowledge, which they can use as background information when selecting their future learning solution.

  • Utilize the latest learning pedagogies
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Analytics support learning and offer a seamless audit trail
  • Store your learning records and competencies safely

    SOL needed an efficient and user-friendly online learning solution to support both the learners and the trainers. The solution was a Valamis based global eLearning platform.

  • CASE: Abloy

    Abloy's major challenge was managing, training and certifying a large network of global distributors. The solution was a global eLearning platform and certification registry, ABLOY ACADEMY.

  • BLOG: Digital Transformation of Learning as Competitive Advantage

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White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

White Paper: Digital Tranformation of Learning

The white paper opens the context of digital transformation and how it affects on the workforce development, changing nature of work and organizational learning.