Inspire the global network of employees while keeping global brand consistency across all your locations. Create best customer experiences with help of engaged and competent personnel.

Manage talent of global network of employees and keep brand consistent

The key to customer satisfaction is the positive experience they have with your company, which happens on all levels of interaction with the client. Thus, it is essential to teach and maintain your staff's knowledge of current customer service and security regulations, as well as the goals and values of your business.

If you operate a large network of different locations, it can be a challenge to ensure that all touch points a customer experiences with your company in all channels are the consistent, high quality service that they are expecting and beyond. 

This is where Valamis – Learning Experience Platform comes in. This platform helps you create an engaging and flexible learning environment that can be accessed from any location on any device. Valamis helps to ensure all employees have the required skills and knowledge, and at the same time keep global brand consistency across all your locations.

The Valamis platform offers strong capabilities for personnel management, training, and onboarding. It is easy to create engaging and motivating learning contents with Valamis to help attract and retain new talent, while a strong analytics system allows for detailed tracking of the learning that is taking place among every single one of your employees. You are also able to make sure that your employees have studied and understood all the latest regulatory requirements.

Valamis' benefits for Hospitality:


    SOL needed an efficient and user-friendly online learning solution to support both the learners and the trainers. The solution was a Valamis based global eLearning platform.

  • SOLUTION: Valamis Data Sheet (PDF)

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