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This blog brings up interesting topics in the field of future of learning, learning trends, digital learning experience and digital workplace.

  • Human Capital Development and the Future of Finance

  • Blog: The Workforce of the Future: How will Technology Impact the Manufacturing Industry?

  • Blog: How do you align your corporate learning strategy with your business strategy?

  • Diving to the Learning Experience – machine learning, AI and chatbots

    By having learning content classified and indexed and learners' needs understood, quality recommendations can be made and delivered to the end user.
  • Lifelong Learning - The Case for Liferay DXP & Valamis

    Employers can support lifelong learning by making learning resources available and supporting expert communities developing and interacting within their organization.
  • Personalized learning and how to effectively enhance it with modern technology

    How an employee's experience could be digitalized and made understandable for a machine?
  • Learning Experience – the game-changer for learning

    The key is to provide the right content, at the right time, and to the right people - principles very familiar to the customer experience experts.
  • MarsSuit Project – New-generation spacesuit for the next step on Mars

    University of California, Berkeley, decided to challenge its students to the MarsSuit Project. Their goal is to win NASA's official bidding contest, and Valamis – Learning Experience Platform is ready to give them the tools for working on it.
  • The future learning environment of a successful enterprise is flexible

    Find out what kind of challenges the future learning environment of a successful enterprise needs to meet in order to ensure genuine learning and development in enterprises.
  • Regulatory compliance training: how to save money and ensure compliance

    I would like to share our regulatory compliance experiences from actual customer cases. Here we have five solutions to actual problems. See, how your company can become an audit winner.