Planmeca Group Case Study

Planmeca Group Case Study


Planmeca Group is a strong forerunner in the health technology industry. The group's turnover is around EUR 734 million (2015) and it has about 2,700 employees worldwide. 

Planmeca Oy is Planmeca Group's largest company and one of the world's leading producers of dental technology, with products exported to over 120 countries around the world. The company produces digital dental units, 2D and 3D X-ray units, CAD/CAM products and software solutions to support them. The company's headquarters and production facilities are located in Finland. 

Planmeca Group is strongly committed to continuous learning. Planmeca Digital Academy is an umbrella concept covering all education and training provided by Planmeca. Its goal is to increase and raise the level of expertise in dentistry worldwide.   


Planmeca has a broad network of distributors and partners that must stay up-to-date on the features and use of products. For this reason, the development of the global distribution network and management of competencies play a central role in the company's business operations. This sector is also tightly regulated, which requires monitoring and reporting of the network's competencies at the individual level.

Planmeca wanted a learning environment for Planmeca Digital Academy that could be easily scaled and flexibly integrated, while also enabling the creation of interesting learning material. The learning environment needed to be launched on a tight schedule, and it had to be expandable to cover future business needs. In addition, the look of the solution had to correspond to the Planmeca Digital Academy brand.

The implementation of the learning environment also had to take into account the needs of the Nordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE), a joint venture founded by Planmeca together with the University of Turku. NIDE supports the development of expertise among dentists and dental technicians around the world.


A global learning environment supporting social learning and based on the Valamis elearning software was selected as the solution. The solution was implemented using the wide range of basic components of the Valamis learning environment, and the customer was assisted in producing materials using the Valamis Lesson Studio. Using the open source code platform (Liferay) as the basis for the learning environment, it was possible to integrate Planmeca's learning environment, Planmeca Digital Academy, into the user management system already in use.

In addition to the technical implementation, the look of the learning environment was also created to correspond to the visual features of Planmeca Digital Academy. Arcusys Oy's Learning Solutions team worked in close cooperation with the customer, offering pedagogical expertise and helping to plan the construction of the environment and produce learning materials, among other tasks. Due to the broad range of its users, the learning environment also took into account different levels of learning.


The new learning environment enables significant annual savings in terms of both time and travel costs. In addition, the latest instructions can now be distributed to the global network more efficiently than before, and monitoring information is generated on the study of the instructions.

"Arcusys impressed us with their know-how, their product and their enthusiasm. We have been especially happy with the efficient implementation and the fact that the product was focused well on our first-level needs. We received much more than just technology: we also gained expertise in how to make learning more efficient and grow competencies," says Maarit Vannas, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Planmeca.
"Due to the customer's tightly regulated sector and wide range of needs, Planmeca Group's Digital Academy was an interesting challenge for us. We put together a team of experts and were able to enjoy smooth cooperation with the representatives of the customer. The learning environment created as a result of the cooperation develops and grows from year to year according to the needs of the customer," Senior Consultant Pirkko Sillman from Arcusys continues.
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