Regulatory compliance training: how to save money and ensure compliance

Regulatory compliance training: how to save money and ensure compliance

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post "Cutting edge solution for solving regulatory compliance" about the principles of Valamis-based regulatory compliance. Now, I would like to share our regulatory compliance experiences from actual customer cases. 

Practical solutions to regulatory compliance 

In the following, I will discuss some questions raised by customers and talk about the practical solutions we have used for solving them.

Problem #1: How can we provide the right (type of) compliance-related information to the right people? It is easy to push every piece of information at users just in case they need it. However, this will most likely end up overwhelming them.

Solution #1: Built-in targeting. All users have their own job roles and belong to certain user groups within their organization. In Valamis compliance-related documents, instructions, qualifications, and trainings are targeted to individual users based on this.

Each user has her/his personal learning goals consisting of a combination of trainings, lessons, documentation updates, checklist actions, etc. By reaching the goals in a given time the employees remain qualified for their specific job roles, and can additionally gain new qualifications.

Problem #2: How can we manage emergent, once-in-a-lifetime learning situations and keep them in compliance records?

Unanticipated issues occur and sometimes we have to take actions quite suddenly.

Solution #2: Just a few clicks away. Here is a simple process to follow in Valamis:

  • Add or update the relevant information, whether it is an instruction, documentation, an eLearning lesson or other activity you must take.
  • Create a training instance. This will take 5 minutes:
    – Define the title, date and time, target group, and similar header data
    – Add learning goals by selecting the documents, lessons, and checklist actions you need
    – Publish the training and goals to the target group
  • Enjoy automatic tracking and recording of the accomplishments

Visualization on how a Learning Experience Platform combines different data sources to form a coherent learning environment

Problem #3: How can I stay personally up-to-date? Do I comply with regulations now and tomorrow?

Solution #3: User dashboard. The user dashboard shows your personal status at a glance: What are my next goals and actions, what have I accomplished, what are my qualifications and how long are they valid for, what are the latest instruction changes, etc?

The dashboard also directs the user towards the appropriate instructions, to the right lessons, or to required activities such as writing a report or participating in an exercise.

Problem #4: How is learning validated? I see people are reading and listening to instructions and taking lessons. How do I know have they understood the content?

Solution #4: Trace activities to the Learning Record System (LRS) and apply the most suitable validation type. There are three basic validation types to ensure people really are up-to-date and qualified: automatically traced views (the user has, for example, read a document or watched a video), personal confirmations, and testing by tasks and questions.

The instructors decide and select by clicking what kind of validation is required for each of the cases.

Problem #5: How can we become audit winners and ensure compliance?

Compliance audits are painful. Even if we have done things the right way, we may fail because our records are a mess and we cannot provide answers on time.

Solution #5: Log in to Valamis – Learning Experience Platform and find the visual information you have been asked for. The system has recorded the user activities, goals, and accomplishments so the exact data you need is there. As a combination of organization, user group, and job role data they form a basis for a full scale, visual compliance reporting and audit rail.

Student progression report in regulatory compliance course

Jyri Pötry
Senior Consultant

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