Valamis – Learning Experience Platform

An award-winning third generation eLearning software solution for corporations.

  • Employee learning

    Engage your employees through adaptive and mobile learning that allows training people in a swift manner, especially if they are working remotely. Measure effectiveness of learning, find and keep talents.

  • Customer training

    Ensure flexibility, availability and great experience on every level for your customers through multi-device platform.

  • Channel training

    Train and certify your partners to ensure quality service and knowledge of the product, which can lead to a quick development, easy entry into new markets, or build customer loyalty.

  • Compliance

    Manage data requirements and provide correct information to the right people immediately, organize data collection and processing to help with analysis and decision-making.

Who We Work With:
SOL Services Ltd.
Key Features
  • Measure and analyze learning

    An enterprise class corporate learning experience platform with the ability to measure and analyze the effectiveness of learning. Valamis supports Experience API/ xAPI (also called Tin Can API) and Learning Record Store (LRS), which allows us to collect and store quantitative and qualitative data about any type of experiences that person has (online and offline).

    That will give you the ability to analyze, predict and improve the learning process.

  • Train rapidly and regularly

    Our system supports adaptive, mobile, social and phenomenon-based learning, with elements of gamification. Combine all of this with the ability to learn online and offline via any device, intuitive user interface and easy content creation.

    This will allow you to provide flexible learning options, train employees rapidly and regularly, and train people who are working remotely.

  • Create a single digital ecosystem

    Valamis is more than a learning management system (LMS) because of the flexibility and scalability of Liferay - leader for the 7th year in a row according to the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals research.

    This secure, open-source, consolidated platform is easy to integrate and customize for your business needs. This gives you the opportunity to create a single digital ecosystem that connects all parts of your business together.

  • Gain insight into your business

    Our analytics team has over 10 years of experience in predictive analytics and performance management. By using Valamis in a tight collaboration with the Arcusys analytics team you will be able to better understand the learning and development of your personnel and interest groups.

    This will allow you identify potential information gaps or learning difficulties among the learners before they affect your business. By leading with knowledge, you will gain insight into your business processes and sustainable competitive advantage.


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